there he goes

listening  to: the smiths
wide awake with a little bug asleep on my leg...

i never went to preschool but apparently you go on a lot of field trips.  seems like a perfect deal!  you get to learn about colors, numbers, your hands, crafts and then travel around town.  making things come to life.  today jack is going on a field trip in the "magic bus" to the donut store.  jack will pick the same like me: sprinkles and only have the frosting only.

i trained him well... 
or maybe that's not so healthy.

here are some pictures from his past trips.  makes you want to be three again.... trust me.

his and my favorite: the firefighters...
for many many purposes.
this is the day he told me he is going to be a "firetruck"
lego land in carlsbad... this was last week.  he didn't really like it too much because it didn't have too many trains.

thanksgiving presentation of what they are grateful

orange county farm in san juan capistrano
we love animals.
jack says he doesn't love the smelly ones.

{him and his bff-girl charollete}

halloween parade



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michelle said...

if im just workin on the computer or paperwork or whatever i always turn on your page's playlist. thanks for the sweet tunes. : )


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