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good morning!
i am such an early riser.  i slept over at my friends house and woke up at 6am.  really?  yeah.  i wish i could hand out my energy sometimes.  i slept in bright red tights and red flannel so i feel perfect right now.  she has a temperpedic (sp?) king size bed, so i feel like i am across the room from her right now.  i will hopefully have a bed like this.  it's pretty much a dream bed. 

hmmm, what's on my mind.  not much really.  it's valentines day!!!! so fun!  valentines day in my home growing up was like easter.  we would have a basket of candy and heart shaped things and my mom would give us pink/floral pajamas.  
now that i have grown up, i still carry on similar traditions with jack but since he's a boy and doesn't really care for all of that i gave him a bouncy ball with a red heart in the middle that lights up if you bounce it hard enough.  he loves it!  he asked me how i got my heart in there.  i told him, "its magic!"  

this is the day i dropped him off at the airport to fly to san francisco.  he made this for his dad at preschool.  in the mail two days ago i received a valentine from him that he colored for me that read:
"i love my mommy because she gives me kisses"
pretty much set me for this weekend.  my heart is full.

this weekend without jack has also been consumed with much.
i don't want to bore you with what i did, but i do want to dedicate this post to amore.
i'll get all gooshy for the last day.

a married friend of mine and i had some tea the other day and she told me something i maybe can't forget.... 
"melissa, men are like buses.  theres a new one every 15 minutes. for you, every seven."

it got me thinking... ahhhh.  
okay, i am ready to commit.  
i'm admitting this on my blog...

so there is that one thing i did hint to in the beginning. i had one of the cutest proposals.  he said i could share it...
he {sorry keeping his name private} called me to talk.  we talk a couple times a week.  he and i are very close friends and have been since i was in college.  
he told me five reasons i should marry him. 
they were adorable.  
he told me think about it in his sexy accent to think about it and get back to him, but then called back an hour later to see if i was thinking about it.
it was really sweet.
anyway, that was the big secret.  
i didn't say yes, but we are still great friends.

if a guy is reading this - highly doubt it, this would be another cute idea for your special girl.
i saw this picture and thought it was so boon and very original.  {above} 

now that this post is taking me longer than expected...
in response to a card my friend sent to her new boyfriend this valentines, he said these exact via text message, "i totally have birds flapping around in my stomach right now."

pretty much set the tone for my favorite quote one valentines day.

{diana rumble photography}
last night a friend of mine through a great chinese new year party.  we all opened up homemade fortune cookies.  the fortune the three of my friends opened was hilarious. it is the year of the tiger.  what does that mean anyway?

so here are some more gooshy, lovey dovey pictures that make me happy... and why.

{keller lookbook}
she just is in her own world, on top of a building in a mysterious city filled with people in their own world doing their own thing.  she is happy and content or possibly in like. maybe love.

as a girl, if you get old things from grandmas, it's exciting.  i will never forget the owls i received from my dad's grandmother.  i fell in love with owls then and there in carlsbad, ca.  my other grandmothers have given me their earrings and necklaces in the past.  i love putting them on from time to time.

"you know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"
-liss, AUS

today... i will wear lip gloss.
straighten my hair.
+ wear a bright red dress.

i hopefully will watch 500 days of summer. that split screen scene has got to be my favorite part of any love-chick-flick.  i am all about whats real.

i will probably not do couples yoga like my yoga friends are, but the thought of it is lovely.
i like this picture more than couples yoga.

i want to have non-dairy yogurt.
in japan.
i still want to see those blossoms come in april.
i want to take jack.
or go by myself.
i am already in love with japan.

amazing picture.

i am going to write with chalk on the sidewalk something 
sweet so when jack gets home, he feels some loves.

this is my valentine.
jackson gives me flowers.  
he picks me flowers anywhere and everywhere.
if we are in a house, he will pick a flower from fake flower plants and give them to me.
his dad sent this picture to me since jack wanted to give me this flower from san francisco.
so sweet. 

maria taylor is one of my favorite song writers/singers.
this is one of my greatest love songs.

Lyrics to Two Of Those Two :
There was a time two fearless minds
Where we packed up for a new place
A college town with a musical sound
And everyone had a new face
There was something there
Maybe it was the trees
Or the flowery air
Or that everyone seemed so glad
They were there
And we were two of those two
We were two of those two

We got a house in between a homeless shelter
And a coffee shop
We painted the walls until we couldn't reach
I said, "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

There were always people there
Maybe it was the music
We played on the record player
Or that everyone seemed so glad
They were there
And we were two of those two
We were two of those two

And those were the times
The quietest days
We'll sit and smile and remember
Nothing could feel the same
We were so free
We were in each passing second

And you can't sustain
Anything, everything must change
So be thankful for everything
And I am
I am
I am 

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Sarah said...

Lovely post. The last picture of Jackson just melted my heart. When I was baby sitting Jackson he picked an inside fake flower for you and said "I want to give that yellow flower for my mommy, she likes yellow flowers." so i cut the plastic yellow flower and he then said "O.K. now we need to put it in water because flowers need water to grow and bees need flowers for honey and everyone eats honey!" Oh man, you need to let me baby sit again.

オテモヤン said...


robyn said...

love the lyrics. love the explanations for each beautiful picture, and love, love, love, you.

McLove said...

<3 <3 <3


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