oh that feeling.

all of his photos are called "frozen moments in time" and it made me get that feeling of falling in love or what it's going to feel like when it's the real deal.

today i am floating.
i am in one of the best moods i've been in.
i feel back to normal now that this chapter in my life is behind me.
i think it's a natural animal instinct any mother would have when someone/thing/whatever tries to take your child from you, you build a protection barrier over them.  i have always been protective over me and jackson getting hurt or separated because of the bond we have but now that this court case is behind us, i can breathe.

i don't think i have slept so well as i did last night.
when jack woke up, he came into my room and gave me the biggest hug.
i didn't want to let him go.
it all comes down to what's best for the child. not the parents.
that's what i learned through this.

they say it's unbecoming for a lady to gloat,
but it's okay for a young mother to say boo-ya once in a while right?

6 lovely notes:

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Such a beautiful photo. Love it!

I am so glad you are happy. Love you.

kentandnellie said...

I hope all this happiness means that you got exactly what you wanted in the courtroom?! So glad you're doing well.

jenn king said...

i'm so excited for you two :)

Torie Jayne said...

Wonderful pic! Keep floating! Have a sweet day!

The Gourmet Traveller said...


jaybs said...

Hope Prayers are Answered! John xx


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