le petit

a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law lindsay + my bff wendy + me had a petit tea party.
it was pretty much one of my favorite afternoons in so long.
we dressed up in our pearls, our lace and feathers.

we brought over our kids to my brother and wife {lindsay's} house down the street from mine.
micah helped dip the large strawberries in the homemade fudge linds made!  such a cutie!

linds has been extremely creative and thoughtful lately.  she first of all took wendy and i to our favorite thai place the night before my big family trial to ease my nerves.  
then this tea was the saturday before it all as well. 
she made wendy and i these adorable wool coil hair clips.  
it takes her a lot of time but somehow she manages to do it when she does it!
she bought both of us adorable...
mugs from anthroplogie!
it was such an unexpected surprise.  
she is the best gift giver i know.  i am so grateful for linds.  
she didn't have to do all the bells and whistles at this tea but she did...

i wish i had the recipes to each of these but i don't.  all i know is it tasted better than any place i have been to.  we were able to help a little so i got to see how the salad was made - it was partially warm potatoes with grilled chopped onions - all homemade dressing.  the sandwiches are a devine special that linds always makes for my birthday.  

yes, gluten and dairy pills were taken before this meal. 
i was still in food hangover after.
amazing job linds.  
i am watering at the mouth thinking how delicious this food was.

for drinks we had organic peppermint tea with real mint leaf, tangerine lemon zest tea, mango passionfruit tea, and a few others.  also organic sparkling pom-grape juice with tangerine zest.

dessert: homemade chocolate dipped strawberries and cream puffs.

we were having a fun conversation and all of a sudden wendy "hit the bottle" ... it pretty much was the best candid moment of our fancy tea.  i think my tight skirt almost burst from either the food or the excessive laughing.

here is how we found our boys in the room next to us...

we had such a great time.  i think we said that a dozen times.  we want to do it again and again....
which we will soon but this time for the kids.

we are throwing a small "mad hatter" party soon for the alice in wonderland premiere.  i don't think i want jack to see it and some of the moms agree unless we are proven wrong that it's okay.  instead we are going to have a few of their friends come over dressed as either alice or a mad hatter on march 5th.  we will have a lopsided cake, herbal teas and talk about it being our "very unhappy birthdays!"  we will watch the original disney version of alice in wonderland and have a lovely time.  we are looking forward to it.

4 lovely notes:

McLove said...

Looks like an amazing afternoon:)

Malia said...

This looks so great! People should do these sort of things more often, and the gifts she gave you were such a nice touch.

This is random, but have you heard Julian Casablancas solo album? One of the reasons I like your blog is because you have such good music taste and I thought you might like his solo album :)

jenn king said...

so cute melissa!

Anonymous said...

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