just cause

some random, not so random and some un-random things i love in no order. or maybe.

- Gospel
- tights
- lip gloss
- wearing socks to bed
- lakers
- grilled onions
- original people
- sleeping in conditioner
- camping where snakes or spiders don't reside
- japan
- a well written book that i can finish in a day
- when staying at a hotel - a big screen television.
- face masks applied by brushes
- hand-written letters
- inside jokes that stay inside
- kisses on the cheek from anyone
- strong hugs
- falling asleep to enya like i use to have to do while at college
- doing hot yoga then taking a cold shower
- longboarding with the whole family
- bonfires
- smiling at strangers
- running almost daily
- concerts in the fall
- old watches
- still love my owls
- chemistry {not the class}
- when my mom says "for reals"
- how much passion people have for saving the world... makes me squint
- flossing. it's fabulous.
- learning how people get mad about certain things
- going to the movies with lindsay or landon and then talking about them after with them
- lavender oil on my neck
- when jack puts his head on my shoulder still
- women in the corporate world who are aggressive. it's fun to watch really
- still loving those simple people
- ny bakeries
- heart shaped homemade things
- probably a ton more but i'm boring myself...

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