vampire weekend

  i enjoy small, cozy venues with good company.  if i had my choice, i would go to a concert once a week.   my first concert was "unwritten law" when i was 16 with my boyfriend.  
it was a great experience... still is every time. 

a few weeks ago nate invited us to go to see vampire weekend on the night they were playing their new record for the first time contra.  the concert was sold out and tickets were so hard to get.  nate had told me he got the tickets from his friend but i had no expectations other than pure anticipation.

we first ate at one of my favorite eateries next to hotel cafe  called kitchen 24.  it has the most original and unique food in fun dishes.  they even offer vegan!  i call it a new-age dennys since it's open all night but is AH-MAZING.  i'm glad everyone there enjoyed it as well.

yes, first steak salad for YEARS.
it took me about 15 minutes to decide to try it.

for dessert, the boys treated us to ABBA-ZABBAs
so fun!

we drove over to the la fonda music box just up the street and low and behold, nate had backstage passes for us.  we walked in through the back right where the entire band was hanging out.  i was looking back at josh and we were freaking out.  krystal was so stoked because i think she had a crush on the lead singer.  we all were so shy, and walked right past them to the stage and then up to the upper stage to check out where our passes got us.  
krystal had her camera inside, so these are her pictures i borrowed.

we had some time to hang out before.  
the three of us were in complete awe and little-kid giddiness of how our passes got us everywhere. 

they are so fun and great!
um, so this is how close we were.  it was pretty much unbelievable.  
we were dancing to each song, right on the edge of the stage.
my favorite songs on their new album are: white sky, cousins, horchata, diplomat's son, and more.

after nate talked to the right people and got us wristbands to go on the deck.
krystal REALLY wanted to meet the band so we went up there.
we were all getting really tired; knowing we had to get up bright and early the next morning for work so we hung out up on the deck for a few minutes.

josh made this move famous that night.
...famous between our group.

sooooooo then,
when walking out...

we ran into other lead singers of other bands and finally got lead into where the band was, but 3 out of 4 of us lost interest so we left.  
it was so much fun!  i have their album and listen to it at least twice a week. 

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