jackson's world

those that have been reading my blogs for a while, maybe have seen previous posts of jack's photos.
i love seeing other's perspectives and views...
especially when it's your toddler/little man.
how he sees the world.  
i have enough pictures he takes to do at least a post a week...
here is the most recent from lunch with friends.

my friend lisa made jack pout by asking him to stop taking pictures of her while she ate... 
it was pretty funny.

there were about a dozen of these tongue pictures... i'll spare time.

i let jack buy the table some chips and salsa.  he is such an independent little soul.

oh and here is a note i sometimes i want to write when we come here:

dear wahoos in san clemente,
thank you for always being so kind to us.
knowing our names when we walk towards you to order... then knowing what we order.
always having the best vegetables.
raquel really needs a raise.  he smiles enough and is good to everyone that he deserves it.
rodrigo is also a great hard worker that could deserve a raise.
we have left many chips on the floor and maria is always cool with it.
she could get a raise too.  we like her.
also, that gum-ball machine near the entrance kills me.  could you move it near the back?  jack must always beg me for two each visit.
jackson loves it when you call him nino, but dora the explorer hasn't explained to him what that is.  
thanks for the free spanish lessons, amazing chips, cilantro sauce and having brown rice now.

we love you wahoos.

melissa and jackson
{pequito nino y mama malissa}

1 lovely notes:

robyn said...

i love when jackson has the camera. it's one of my favorite things. i'm totally doing this when i have kids.

and amen to the brown rice, thank you wahoos.


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