dear prudence

listening to: katie herzig: dance in a straight line
slouching with effort in my white bed; exhausted from the weekend.

the weather this weekend was pretty unexpecting.  sometimes it would be raining, sometimes it felt like just having patches of clouds.  tantrums.  regardless, i was dressed for a wedding so it was fun to run around protecting my straightened hair from becoming insta-friz-curly.

i also came upon this website... so fun.  she names her fashion collection after a "miss..." and themes them all.  my favorite is ms. mcnicey.  i am told i'm "too nice" often for one but also, the clothes are totally me.  i think it's the bees knees and will probably refer back often.

this weekend jack and i went on a date.  we drove down the coast and then went to our favorite deli and it was his idea to go down to the beach.  we sat on the sand to have our picnic, he skipped rocks with me and we watched the trains go by as i pushed him on the swings.  

{now i know i will never curl my bangs or cut my hair thanks to this picture...}

this may sound random, but i just really like tina fey.  she is such a great comedian and writer.  
that's all i wanted to say about her.

this week jack and i are going to san francisco, traveling in style. we are going via train!  so fun right?!  I think so.  especially my jack believes so.  i have promised him i would take him but i haven't.  i will drop him off and then get to hang out with jack while his daddy is at work.  it will be a little different than usual.  i am excited to take jack to different parts of the city.  i was going to take a friend up to the city with me, but that friend can't come anymore because of work so i am going to be a free bird and visit friends up there.  it's always weird being without jack but a time i catch up on my books and 100s of emails.

so prudence, this is a random blog post.  so sorry.  please excuse me.
hope everyone has a great week!

2 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

What a journey it will be! by train to San Francisco, one I would love to take, I know Jack will enjoy it.

I have so rich memories of San Francisco, I just love it down on The Wharf, it will be great for you to spend time together in SF!


jenn king said...

i so wish i could come! wahhh. hope you guys have the best time!


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