more lovin'

as some know, i am training for a tri.
it's also known as ridiculousness happening everyday.
how do i find time you think?
i wake up at 4:30-4:45am, run 4-8 miles and then get home just in time for jack to wake up.
for breakfast i have a protein shake, green goblin juice {you've got to love subliminal messages we parents sneak in there for our kids to eat/drink healthy}... (12 servings of fruits and veggies drink

{jackson loves this stuff}
if you ever want me to order you some, just leave a comment below or email you.  i get it wholesale and it tastes better than the kind they have at mother's market or henrys.

and then get ready for work.

for lunch, i try to go to native foods or have another protein shake or take a client out to lunch.

{my cute friend arin and i at native foods by the lab.. her first time}

after work i hang out with jack, and do our whole routine.
if i have no plans, i get my booty into action.
since i don't have time to teach my spin classes like i use to or swim classes, 
i have to push myself to do it.

did i mention i hate swimming? i do.  i love surfing but swimming is not my strength.
road biking... i don't even have one.  i am training for this when jack is gone so i can go to the gym.
then, if i slept-in in the morning, then i will run at night.  i have these awesome shoes i bought with jack in mind.  they look like spiderman shoes but light up everytime i step!  it's pretty incredible.  they are actually boys shoes but it doesn't matter.  i run along some trails and do some hills.

{yes, i am really wearing this. tights, short shorts, some black jacket i got from a 10K i did and my spidey shoes. my sister bree thought i looked ridiculous so we recorded that opinion}
since we al know my passion for yoga and eating healthy, i do that whenever i can.  i drink peppermint tea to help me digest all these foods as well as get rid of all the water i am consuming. 

it's incredible how much of a difference my workouts are when i cut out diet coke and sugary foods completely.  

who knows if i will actually do this triathlon in march.  it's in mexico and i would only go if jack was with his dad... so we'll see.

i look at it as a good excuse to get rid of my excess amounts of energy i have been given.

3 lovely notes:

McCall said...

wait - what does peppermint tea do for you??? and is this a full tri you are wanting to do? wow - that is brave - of course i like to start with the sprint - but you ... you just jump right into things. i wish i was there to train with you. i am supposed to be doing one in may, but have yet to touch the swimming pool, the treadmill, or the bike.... hmmm...

email me about this tea. and the green drink. where do you order it from and what does it cost?

Anonymous said...

Opulently I acquiesce in but I dream the brief should have more info then it has.

jenn king said...

love you in your tights!


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