valentines weekend

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jackson will be leaving for san francisco on wednesday for valentines weekend with his daddy.  i have never been away from him on valentines day so i made this weekend just about him and me.

friday night i had a date, so as i am getting ready, jack tells me, "mom, your hair doesn't look very pretty."

M: oh yeah? what should i do different?
J: prolly make it go straight.

on saturday morning, i turned my phone off so that we would have no distractions.  it was so rainy, it was great. we stayed in bed to watch his favorite cartoon, had oatmeal, turned on the fireplace, played with his trains and then spent the whole day creating valentines, ideas and sticking hearts to places for his preschool class.

then, we went to the store just to get lolli-pops - i let him take my camera.  he documented his trip.  

J: "can i take him home?"
M: "nah, that's kind of big."
j: "but maaaaaoooom.... it's so soft."
M: "jack, it's ugly."
J:  "that's a mean word."


we had to visit some friends in huntington beach and then celebrate a friends' birthday at a peruvian place.  jack danced for everyone...and everyone thought monti was his dad.  

on sunday he thanked me for everything he had. it was pretty dang cute.
he told everyone in the hallway he is a sunbeam and that he is going to get baptized someday.

then we got home, read books in his bunk bed, and i fell asleep on him while he watched incredibles.


we had family friends over and superbowlness. fancy dinnerness.

then this is where all the real fun happened...

one of the fun ideas i found for us to do for a treat is to make mustache lolli-pops!  it was so fun!  i found them on this website.  he only has two girls in his class so i made big orange lips instead for them.

his little valentines were paper airplanes that took me over an hour until i gave up.
i gave up because i thought it would be better for his preschool mates to do them on their own and the ones i was creating looked like a handless preschool child was making them...

yeah, imagine that...

such a LOVELY weekend with my little love.

5 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

It sounds and seems such fun, even just reading about it, really special!

Annie Cristina said...

What a fun weekend! Also, I love your son's Rockband shirt. :D

McLove said...

Sounds like fun! Avery wants a moustache Valentine:)

The Gourmet Traveller said...

So very sweet! You're such a fun mom!

likeschocolate said...

It is all about the candy. I use to spend time making the cutest valentines until I realized they really didn't care. It is all about the candy. Despite the Valentines not looking perfect is sounds like you had an amazing weekend.


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