if you're going...

listening to: drew danburry
packed, ready to go.
i ran 8 miles this morning and did yoga so my energy is still up.

to san francisco...
this is what will be happening this weekend...

take the train into the city

drive up the coast to napa valley

visit my friends from the bay area - especially the ones who just had babies.

probably wear something like this and look awkward

take a bike around town...
no i'm not. :)
everyone does there though.  

catch up with some of my friends

probably make one of these for that surreal feeling

i love this drink.  hopefully san francisco has these handy.

union square has my favorite anthropogie.
why? because of their floor displays and window displays.
this store is different than others.
...at least i think.

make zucchini bread with my aunt 
from her infamous recipe that is actually healthy.

probably wear boots the entire time
i seem to do that in the city. so does every girl...
so clique but so fun.

go to my sweetspot cafes in the mission district and the presidio
and just veg out with a book and pride and pred playlist

probably wear something like this day and night and fall asleep in it since i'm always cold

catching up on this
{vogue korea}

taddich grill will be seeing my face along with some friends.
i will always love their clam chowder soup no matter how many tums i have after.
taking a taxi to places while its raining

once all the catching up is done, i'm going to let go of my "to-do" lists like i tell my yoga students and focus on just other things i don't get to think about.

last but of course not least...

spend quality time with my not-so-small-baby in one of our favorite cities.

oh man, that made me tired.
++ Tchau

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Annie Cristina said...

Cute post! And I'm loving your lighter hair. :)


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